CBETA 2014 新年公告

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  • 全文標記從 TEI P4 XML 改版至 TEI P5 XML。
  • 包括跨平台版本 jCBReader。
  • 新增大量的新式標點經文及經文用字修訂。




釋惠敏 敬上



30 December 2013

Dear Dharma Friends,

We have decided after given it due consideration to move the release date of the 2014 CBETA Chinese Electronic Tripitaka Collection from, originally, in February to April. It is not an easy decision to come to but we believed rescheduling is necessitated due to our recent office relocation, which has thwarted our progress considerably.

The inclusion of the now completed digitization of the Taipei National Central Library Buddhist Rare Book Collection and the Chinese Translation of the Pali Tipitaka in this year’s Collection not only enriches the contents thereof but is a furtherance in the digitization of Buddhist canonical works. In addition thereto, you will find the full texts are now all converted from TEI P4 XML to TEI P5 XML and Multi-platform jCBReader version included; you will further find in this 2014 version many of the canonical scriptures are now updated with modern punctuations and usages of characters in canonical texts appropriately revised.

We hope that you will join us as we welcome the arrival of yet another productive new year to celebrate this belated 16th Anniversary release. We thank you once again for your ceaseless support.

Yours in the Dharma,


Huimin Bhikshu
Director of Letter, University of Tokyo
Director, Chinese Buddhist Electronic Text Association (CBETA)
President, Dharma Drum Buddhist College (DDBC)